Enrollment Tracking Open

The Fall term will be here before we know it, and despite the myriad changes we have all implemented to address the COVID-19 outbreak, the calendar always moves forward.  For many institutions we are at or very near 140 days from the Fall 2020 Census Date.  

As you may know, this year the Benchmarking Institute added some new functionality to permit institutions to benchmark their pre-enrollment as it progresses toward the start of classes and Census Date.

We conceived of this simply as another useful tool we might add to the NCCBP platform, but in light of the ever changing conditions facing our institutions right now, you may find this tool and data useful in monitoring and communicating about this year’s pre-enrollment process.

The Enrollment Tracking module can help support tracking and comparing trends in the registration process in the months leading up to the start of classes and the subsequent Census Dates.

Data collected includes student credit hours and headcounts on specified dates based on your own Census Date.  As shown above, both Headcount and SCH are displayed.  If you choose to enter historical data from 2019, you will also see percent differences from the same dates last year.

This new module is included with the credit module membership at no cost and is entirely optional.  If you have not subscribed to this module yet, and are interested, you can add it by selecting your name option in the menu bar when you are logged into NCCBP and choosing “Add a Module to Your Membership.”

If you have already signed up for the new module, this message is simply to alert you that it is likely time to enter some enrollment data.

As members add data and we move towards the Fall term, new reporting and functionality will be added. In the coming weeks, we will be adding the ability to chart your enrollment against peer groups you build much like any other NCCBP report.  And as some of you have realized, some data in this module will be entered beyond the data-entry time frame for traditional NCCBP.  Before then, we will be implementing changes that will permit you to enter data into this module after NCCBP Credit and Non-Credit modules close.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.  We’re always available to help.